I took this photo 12 years ago, in 2007 (or, actually photos, it’s a stitched pano) and have only recently managed to print it to my satisfaction. It is unabashedly pictorialist, for which I make no apology. More like a sigh of relief.



Still lifes for Alles Elbe

A few still life photographs, inspired by northern German still life paintings.

In order:

1. After Stillleben mit Käse by  Floris van Dyck, with our house-made pickled cheese, soft cheese and Niva, Hopfnung beer from Landgang, bread rolls from Holger Ronnfeld

2. After , Stillleben mit Schinken auf einem Silberteller und weißer Tischdecke, Holländischer Meister, with our own Hampaka IPA, Soltau salt, and Chaos garden zucchini ketchup

3. After ‘Stillleben mit Bierglas und Brötchen’, Johann Georg Hinz. Starring delicious pils from Simian, and bread rolls from Holger Ronnfeld.